Hai! This is Willo.

We were born in March 2020 (right when the pandemic started) when we saw the rising of anxiety, stress, and depression due to being cooped up all alone in our homes.

Almost every single person experiences these feelings at one time or another - either due to work, family, or relationships. We also know that we are not the best and truest versions of ourselves when we’re bogged down.

Then came Willo.

Willo puts your power and full potential back in your hands. Our vision is to bring our community high quality, effective, and DELICIOUS edibles without the crazy prices we’re seeing out in the market. We believe that Willo self-care treatment should be affordable and accessible to anyone who wishes to reclaim the best version of themselves.

Willo THC. Ride the High

Our THC products (premium winterized CO2) are created by choosing only the highest quality flower and passing on the rest. We have in-house licensed extractions so we can keep an eye on the process from beginning to end and be sure we are consistently delivering you only the HIGHEST (get it? 😏) quality.

Willo CBD. Not looking for a high? We got you.

Willo CBD (derived from premium hemp) products are 100% CBD (0% THC = no high) for a gentle mood enhancer, relief from mild pain/inflammation, and GREAT for that time of the month.


Fully licensed under the Health Canada Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations, Willo Productions Inc. provides customized cannabis oil extraction services for Canadian cannabis and hemp producers. The only one of its kind in Canada, we use state of the art system and proprietary extraction technology to provide a superior yield with the clarity, colour and purity we look for. By employing emerging technologies, we process top-quality product. Willo Productions is dedicated to introducing the finest Cannabis extracts to use within our edibles to ensure a safe, high quality product to you.

Highest Quality Products

We are dedicated to ensuring you have the highest quality products sourced from the best plants, using the safest methods. We guarantee quality.

In-house Testing

All testing for pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, micro-bacterial life and the cannabinoid profiles are done in house with our state of the art laboratory. Once satisfied with the results we send all our products for third-party testing before sending to you.

Product Testing

Most companies only have third-party testing. Willo tests both internally and through third party to ensure a consistent, safe product to all our customers prior to shipping.